Instrument Management

The Instrument Database (IMDS) is a highly configurable web based software program for tracking, maintaining and calibrating a variety of radiological instrumentation. The tests or calibration protocols (i.e. how to physically test or calibrate the instrument) are not hard coded into the software but maybe defined through the configuration screens.

Easy Instrument Management

IMDS makes it easy to track the location and state of your radiological instrumentation. It supports a wide range of instrument types out-of-the-box, but also allows complete customisation of the system – even down to the interface text.


Instruments can be issued to an individual, as a Kit (collection of associated instruments), or as a single device. IMDS also supports batch operations to increase efficiency on repeated jobs.




Devices can be booked on-site for repair and/or calibration. Work performed can be tracked by order and project. IMDS supports tracking of consumable costs and stock, as well as subcontract/offsite repair and associated delivery costs.


The calibration protocols you currently use can be configured using the web interface – Supporting Contamination, Dose Rate, Flow Rate, Neutron, Plateau, EPD, and Tritium calculations. 

Who uses it?

IMDS is used by sections of the Police and Nuclear Power industry for successfully tracking various types of radiological instrumentation in the UK and US.


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