The Link2-Sensor wireless device transceiver provides reliable and simple to use wireless connectivity for sensors and instruments via radio communications enabling data from remote field teams to be instantly transmitted to a central monitoring system without having the need to deploy a field based radio system.  The Link2-Sensor is enclosed in an weather resistant case suitable for outdoor use.  The Link2-Sensor connects directly to an instrument (compatible devices).  The unit contains an integrated GPS receiver to provide location awareness of remote operations to command centers.

The Link2-Sensor provides two services:

Device Server

The Link2-Sensor provides a smart instrument interface that has the ability to communicate with over 70 instruments from leading manufacturers. The Link2-Sensor reads and interprets important measurements, alarms, and the device status. This data is encrypted and transmitted in a low bandwidth format to compatible remote monitoring systems such as the RemoteDNA Web Portal.

Location Awareness

The Link2-Sensor has an integrated GPS to give location information. This provides real-time situational awareness of your remote deployment teams.

The Link2-Sensor has the following external ports:

Power / Com

The power port enables the Link2-Sensor to be powered from an external DC 7-36V power source as well as provide data connectivity for RS232 (serial) and 4to20ma.


Adds connectivity to USB based instruments. The USB port is also used to update firmware and configuration settings via a USB flash drive.

Link2-Sensor Specifications

Internal Radio - Configuration options include quad-band cellular, 900Mhz, and 2.4GHz
IP Rating - Case and all external components rated a minimum IP65.
External Voltage - 7.0 - 36.0 V
Dimensions (H * W * D) - 12.1cm x 7.4cm x 3.9cm
Antenna - SMA Female (requires antenna with SMA plug)

Link2-Sensor Downloads

Link2-Sensor Datasheet.pdf

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