Lyric Book App for Windows 8

Users can navigate the full set list of songs, adjust set list order and adjust song options. View the entire song lyrics in full screen mode to increase visibility on stage or during rehearsal. Users can view the current set list and full song lyrics at the same time. Search for songs in the online database using the integrated search tool.

The Lyric Book app enables vocalists to store and manage lyrics as set lists.  Songs can be manually entered or found from an integrated Internet search.

An built-in editor allows song data to be modified, and songs are stored locally on your PC/tablet so you can take them anywhere.
Note that the free version is limited to storing 20 songs and requires an in-app purchase of $1.99 for unlimited use if you exceed this limit.
  • Add and edit your own songs
  • Search for lyrics for popular songs
  • Store for offline personal use and take to gigs or practice
  • Build lyric set lists
To download the Lyric Book app for Windows 8 visit the Windows Store.

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